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Aximpro welcomes the opportunity to emphasize that its software products are compliant with the legal frameworks in countries in which they are used.

Compliance with issues such as taxation, copyright, data privacy, data protection, and confidentiality are key considerations during the design and development phase of Aximpro’s portfolio.

Aximpro has worked closely with the relevant authorities across its target markets to ensure that its products fully conform to current practice and that all features are approved.

A close watch is also maintained on emerging legal requirements to ensure future compliance.

  • For its ChannelValue® product, the process for payment of tax due on reseller reimbursements made under the rewards scheme has been agreed with the taxation authorities of a number of countries. Where necessary, the company will ensure such an agreement is in place prior to implementation.
  • For its ChannelShaper® product, Aximpro has undertaken a detailed review in collaboration with a specialist legal consultancy. This review used the stringent requirements of German law as a reference, and concluded that ChannelShaper® complies with copyright and database regulations, and that it conforms to all aspects of data protection.
For more information, please contact Aximpro at info@aximpro.com.

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