3 Top Tips: To Grow Your Partner Base in Challenging Times

20 April 2020 | Partner Enablement and Loyalty

Channel marketing is all about partner loyalty, but not every partner relationship is the same – presenting companies with various challenges to get their approach right. These challenges are now further intensified by the current economic landscape. Christine Röder, an Executive Director at Aximpro with more than 15 years of experience in channel marketing and sales, shares her top tips to acquire and nurture partnersensuring business growth.

Tip 1: Adapt Loyalty Programs to Fit the “New Normal”

In these times, loyalty programs should not be rigid. You need to empower yourself to change fast if you want to ensure loyalty and growth. A good method is to adapt loyalty programs from a programmatic, as well as technical perspective. In order to respond to various cases and needs within the different industries, your loyalty program needs to easily change schemes, approaches, communication and so forth without having to wait weeks for technical development. It is an efficient way to adapt to the fast-changing market, as well as to partner or customer relationship needs.

Tip 2: Make Engagement a Top Priority
There has already been a trend for more individualization within the partner and customer loyalty landscape. Now, this is increasingly important. One way to individualize and drive engagement is through gamification with aspects such as leader boards or badges. It does not only differentiate incentive programs, but also gives users a sense of achievement – making them feel recognized and valued. It is a good way to focus programs and drive usage. Gamification offers a great possibility to support additional goals that these times may bring.

Tip 3: Go the Extra Mile
If you want customers to walk the road with you during times of crises, then you need to show that you are willing to go the extra mile for them. This can be done in various ways based on your unique situation, but the bottom line remains: You need to be flexible and adapt to accommodate their unique situations and needs. This will certainly reinforce trust and drive loyalty that lasts.

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