3 Top Tips: To Individualize Your Partner Approach

04 June 2020 | Partner Enablement and Loyalty

Andreas Ried, Founder and Owner of Aximpro, recently shared his views about the effect that change has on partner ecosystems. A point he specifically highlighted was that the people involved in partner ecosystems – the individuals – are often forgotten.

According to Ried, people are working in a much more individualized manner, without having established relationships with employers. Additionally, more and more people are self-employed, and many organizations are decentralized. As a result, partners are no longer loyal as there is more flexibility in which vendors to work with. Therefore, vendors should no longer solely focus on partner organizations.

Here are Ried’s three tips to rethinking partner ecosystem strategies and taking that individualized approach.

Tip 1: Get to Know the People

There should be a serious shift in focus and a serious interest in getting to know as much as possible about the people that are relevant to partner ecosystems. The focus should not just be on partner levels and partner organizations, because this really is an outdated approach. It is crucial to know as much as possible about individuals, to follow their social footprints and actively engage with them. It’s about interacting with people and forgetting about partner levels while doing so.

Tip 2: Focus on Upskilling

We are currently trained on the tech we have, but with accelerated change comes new ways of working. Therefore, training is needed to empower those working in partner ecosystems and improve their levels of specialization based on the business needs. 

Tip 3: Run Cutting-Edge Programs

To work with partners effectively and provide impactful communication and individualized engagement, programs should run smoothly and be user-friendly. It should be 100% responsive and all features should be available on any device.

Read the complete opinion piece by Andreas Ried and find out more about rethinking partner ecosystems in times of accelerated change.

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