3 Top Tips: To Keep Users Engaged with Incentive Programs

17 March 2020 | Partner Enablement and Loyalty

There are numerous ways to keep users engaged with and loyal to incentive programs. Here are three top tips that are proven to keep users motivated and contribute to the success of incentive programs.

Tip 1: Participation
Getting users started right is important to the success of any incentive program. Information on how to get started, how the specific program works, as well as what they can and should do to get the most out of the program are all crucial elements to have their buy-in from the very beginning and keep them engaged as participants. These can be in the form of online tutorials, videos and any relevant downloadable material.

Tip 2: Gamification
Adding gamification to channel partner incentive programs provides users with a unique experience – differentiating your incentive program from the rest. Through this type of experience and engagement, users get that sense of achievement and they feel recognized and valued. This part of the program should be engaging, visually appealing, easy to navigate and above all a fun user experience. Gamification could be in the form of points visualization and leaderboards where users can monitor their progress, badges to indicate whether they are top users, as well as other positive reinforcement tactics.

Tip 3: Communication
No matter the industry or program, communication is key. As with gamification, communication also speaks to users feeling recognized and valued – ultimately motivating them to be more active within a specific program. Communication could include news updates, system emails, promotional messages and surveys. The key is to keep the engagement strong, relevant and ongoing. Another important element in communication is localization and speaking to users in their own language. Therefore, it is always more effective to invest in multilanguage options for global programs.

For all three tips mentioned, the correct strategy, software, CRM system and processes need to be put in place to make the most of your unique incentive program and situation. It’s about taking a holistic approach and looking at the bigger picture to ensure successful programs and business growth.

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