How To: Take Charge of Channel Data

08 June 2020 | Business Intelligence, Data Management

Navigating through the maze of metadata can be a real challenge for businesses. Here are some fast facts on how business intelligence and data management can bring new insights and drive growth.

The Forrester Tech Tide™: Channel Software report already indicated in 2018 that actionable data will become an increasingly important differentiator for businesses. In fact, the report stated that channel data management will add high business return on technology investment. What does this mean exactly? According to the Forrester report, “as channels become increasingly data-driven, access to clean, trustworthy, and auditable data across myriad sources is critical”.

While businesses (and you) may be desperate to connect all the data dots, there are often face very specific challenges. These include:
• Not being able to get a clear picture of all data due to having multiple data sources
• Not being able to analyze partner bases to get a clear view of the landscape
• Not being able to receive unbiased and independent analyses to establish which partners hold the most potential.

Business intelligence software can address these challenges and provide businesses with insights into aspects such as:
• The competitor landscape
• Resellers that best match their portfolio and/or partner base
• Resellers partnering with competitors
• Product names
• Buying power
• Technology partners
• Social media channels
• The strategic direction to take
• The potential to cross- and upsell
• Which partners to invest in.

Zooming in on historical data and market research are critical factors in achieving success. It’s time to turn data confusion into data consolidation. This will not only unleash areas of development, but is also guaranteed to drive sales.

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