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Channel reseller platform for Contronex
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Contronex: Distributor expands reseller base by 300%

Learn how Contronex used the ChannelValue® channel marketing software to successfully quadruple its numbers of resellers.


Contronex, Inc. is a highly successful American security solutions distributor, specializing in bringing innovative, high-quality European IT security products and services to the US market. Contronex evaluates European solutions and helps their manufacturers become established on the American market by finding new resellers. Aximpro helped Contronex in its mission to connect European software with American resellers by creating the SecureValue platform: a stateof-the-art solution based on Aximpro’s ChannelValue®. This online platform and associated marketing activities have supported Contronex – and its partners – in their growth.


Contronex, a new client, first met with Aximpro consultants for a workshop to identify exactly what was needed and plan an approach to support Contronex in achieving the identified objectives: increasing the size of its reseller network while developing a platform to ease sales, communications, marketing, and reseller management. Drawing on past experience and the technical capabilities of ChannelValue®, Aximpro was able to create a solution perfectly in tune with Contronex’s requirements. Naturally, the ChannelValue® system was fully customized and presented in the existing Contronex corporate design.


Contronex decided the main sections to focus on for an effective launch would be Features News, Document Store, Role Management, Training, and Community. To implement this, Aximpro used the main ChannelValue platform.

Once implemented, resellers received targeted information and tools to support them in their everyday sales activities – including sales communications, and technical and service queries. An individually customizable role management system made it possible to send customized information on all returning customers, adapted to their qualifications and partner level.


Contronex has been able to successfully quadruple its numbers of resellers through a combination of targeted marketing activities and the ChannelValue platform.

The outlook for the future is similarly positive: following the successful implementation of the first reseller portal, Contronex executives are now working on plans for a shop system. With such an addition, Contronex customers would be able to easily order standard products online.

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