Use the Power of Business Intelligence

Gain insights into your market and see the growth potential within existing and new partners, such as resellers and distributors with Aximpro’s ChannelShaper business intelligence software.


Are you looking for an agile, flexible and scalable software solution to help you navigate through the maze of metadata in the channel world? Do you want to receive unbiased and independent analyses to establish which partners hold the most potential?

With Aximpro’s ChannelShaper business intelligence software as basis, you receive expert market insights and input, as well as a cutting-edge, comprehensive, cost-efficient, compatible and transparent solution.

You get results from a combination of different data technology applications, allowing you to shape your competitive advantage and set the scene for your business growth. 

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You get a complete package – from consultation and analysis to the creation of campaign material and tactics. 

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Based on the detailed partner insights, you get to use your marketing budget in an optimized manner as it is intelligently allocated and efficiently managed to execute the right campaigns with the right partners and topics, increasing your number of leads.

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You get to choose between multilanguage and multicountry options.

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You get a detailed presentation of results, which simplifies the complexity of the data analysis and is easily understandable.

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Aximpro’s ChannelShaper business intelligence software analyzes your partner base to find out which of your resellers are aligned with competitors. This enables you to target them with an attractive incentive campaign and identify viable resellers according to the very specific expertise needed to address this niche market.



Aximpro Case Study Overcoming Key Challenges Across All Parts of the Channel

This case study zooms in Aximpro’s business intelligence and data management solution, as well as the sales incentive, partner enablement and loyalty solution – tailored for a global IT company to overcome key challenges.

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