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What is ChannelValue®?

ChannelValue® is the innovative software as a service (SaaS) solution for international partner relationship management. With in-built channel marketing and distribution capabilities, as well as motivation tools for indirect sales channels, ChannelValue® helps you win new partners. It also enhances your cross- and up-selling potential to deliver more sales while maintaining the loyalty of existing partners.

ChannelValue® is based on extensive experience in the channel environment. It is now used by many leading companies to actively increase the value added in their channel sales.

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INDUSTRIEPREIS 2018: Aximpro receives the BEST OF 2018 award

Aximpro’s ChannelValue® was awarded this year’s INDUSTRIEPREIS (Industry Award) as one of the BEST OF 2018. Huber Publishing for New Media awards the INDUSTRIEPREIS annually to companies that make significant technological and economic contributions. The INDUSTRIEPREIS jury of experts recognized ChannelValue® in the category “IT and Software Solutions for Industry” as one of 20 particularly advanced products that serve to simplify and automate processes and procedures of industrial companies.


One tool, many features - ChannelValue® is full service

ChannelValue is full service

ChannelValue® offers a full range of services from built-in communication tools, online training and certification to real-time tracking and progress reporting.

Not only is our web-based cloud solution secure, it complies with all data protection laws. We even have an integrated loyalty program that pre-calculates taxes according to the legal requirements of each individual country.

And, of course, the solution supports multi-language, multi-country, multi-currency, multi-prize, and multi-channel operations. Aximpro is a ready partner that will continue to offer consulting and ongoing support even after ChannelValue® is up and running.

ChannelValue® fits your needs - One of a kind channel incentives software

Our customers are as unique as the products they sell. That is why we developed software that is fully modular, easily adaptable and scalable.

With ChannelValue®, we can design a partner relationship management portal customized and branded for your company and your channel partners. And because the solution is subscription-based, you only pay for what you use.

One of a kind channel incentives software

Highest cost-efficiency – A smart choice for driving channel value

A smart choice for driving channel value

Launching a channel platform can be an arduous task riddled with unexpected expenses.

Not with this solution. We take care of the full installation, making deployment fast and hassle-free, and get it up-and-running on time – and on budget.

As a web-based SaaS platform, all the installation and programing is carried out in the cloud. That makes ChannelValue® significantly less expensive and faster to deploy than software that has to be programmed and installed onsite.

Incentive features – ChannelValue® is motivating

The opportunity to earn rewards and incentives increases channel value and can have a significant impact on your partners’ sales efforts and loyalty.

Our channel incentives software makes the rewards system easy. Channel partners are able to accumulate bonus points, for example, by meeting set objectives, attending webinars or taking part in online surveys, trainings, and certification.

These evidence-based bonus points can then be parlayed into pre-paid credit cards and eVouchers or spent at country-specific awards stores. We also take the headache out of accounting.

Rewards taxation is pre-calculated according to the legal requirements of individual countries where possible.

ChannelValue is motivating
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This one-stop marketing, sales, and motivational platform will help you achieve sales objectives by managing distribution channels, select new partners, and build long-term loyalty.

Discover the features of our innovative partner relationship management portal


This channel incentives software will help you unleash the potential of channel partners by exploiting innovative relationship management tools.

View all benefits of ChannelValue®

Help your customers make the most of their channel network.
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