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ChannelValue® offers multiple benefits to you and your partners.

For your company:

  • State-of-the-art software: Facilitates partner growth programs, channel partner motivation, and channel partner retention
  • Full-service: From concept to implementation to maintenance, rewards programs and fulfillment
  • Secure: Web-based cloud solution (SaaS) conforms to country-specific data protection regulations
  • Cost efficient: Modular features and scalable design on a pay-for-use basis
  • Fast and hassle-free deployment: No onsite programming or installation makes initial set up and onboarding easy
  • Your tool: Individually branded and always available
  • Fully compatible: Multi-language, multi-country, multi-currency, multi-prize, multi-channel
  • Low accounting costs: Awards taxation is pre-calculated.
  • Confidential: Users only see what they are supposed to see
ChannelValue® Benefits for your Company
ChannelValue® Benefits for your Partners

For your partners:

  • One-stop shop: Find all relevant vendor and product information, training resources as well as communication and incentive programs in one place
  • Real-time transparency: See how you progress against defined sales targets with easy-to-read reports using graphs and reports depict current performance activities
  • Motivation: Get rewarded for meeting set objectives, giving feedback and participating in online training and certification
  • Flexible incentive models: Profit from payments on your pre-paid credit card, receive eVouchers or shop at a rewards store
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What is ChannelValue®?

ChannelValue® is an innovative partner relationship management software that gives your indirect distribution channels a one-stop marketing, sales and motivational platform.

The solution offers innovative ways to improve channel partner motivation and channel partner retention.

Already leveraged by leading companies, ChannelValue® is based on extensive channel experience and known industry standards.

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This one-stop marketing, sales, and motivational platform will help you achieve sales objectives by managing distribution channels, select new partners, and build long-term loyalty.

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Help your customers make the most of their channel network.
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