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Drive loyalty and ensure you achieve your sales objectives with a central platform run on Aximpro’s ChannelValue partner enablement and loyalty software. Grow your business and develop partners through cross- and upselling, while receiving detailed insights and analytics to measure your progress.


Are you looking for a unique software solution that will enable you to grow your business? Do you want to run cutting-edge loyalty and reward programs as an incentive to drive business development? With Aximpro’s ChannelValue partner enablement and loyalty software, you can keep these stakeholders engaged:

  • Resellers
  • Distributors
  • Customers
  • Clients
  • Internal salesforce
  • Alliance partners
  • Other key stakeholders…

On top of that, you receive a holistic approach to your sales and marketing efforts in one central place, plus a software solution that holds many benefits for: Your Business and Participants.

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You get a facilitator for business growth, channel partner motivation and channel partner retention.

You get a complete package – from concept and implementation to maintenance, user support, rewards programs and fulfilment. 

You get a web-based cloud solution (SaaS) that is in line with all relevant security certificates and is GDPR compliant.

You get an easy process with the initial set up and onboarding. As a pure marketing project, your IT division does not need to be involved and no onsite programming is needed.

You get an individually branded tool that is always available to you, plus the choice to use it as a self-service or fully tailored, all-inclusive solution.

You get to choose between multilanguage, multicountry, multicurrency, multiprize and multichannel options.

You get expertise that is not only global, but specialized in the EMEA region – in terms of aspects such as cross-country diversity and rules and regulations specific to the region.   

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They can find all relevant vendor and product information, training resources, as well as communication and incentive programs in one place. 

They can see how they progress against defined sales targets in the form of an easily understandable view that depicts current performance activities. 

They get rewarded for meeting set objectives, for example for completing online training, selling the right products, increasing their sales rates, providing feedback, getting certifications and participating in events.

They profit from payments ranging from prepaid, fully branded credit cards and online vouchers for shopping at rewards stores to co-marketing campaigns and any other reward methods that you have identified upfront.

They regularly receive news and communication via email – keeping them informed. In addition, with gamification aspects such as a leaderboard, they can compare their progress with others – keeping them motivated.

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Utilize Aximpro’s ChannelValue sales incentive program as a closing tool to accelerate sales. Ensure efficiency with your cashback offers and utilize the unique tool for the uploading of documents, such as of proof of purchases.

Aximpro’s full cashback offering includes project management, account and payment management and detailed reporting – ensuring a smooth process and satisfied partners.

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Aximpro’s ChannelValue partner enablement and loyalty software provides everything you need in a central place.



Select what works for you and enjoy the freedom to use Aximpro’s solutions, products and services in a way that suit your needs and requirements best.

Here are just some of our sales incentive, partner enablement and loyalty packages.

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