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Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Channel Incentive Program for EMEA
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Channel Incentive Program boosts sales figures in EMEA

Learn how Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) used the ChannelValue® channel marketing software to significantly increase sales figures within the EMEA reseller segment.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) wanted to drive partner growth and increase sell out in the Silver, Business and Proximity reseller segment. We created a targeted incentive program to motivate sales reps through proper engagement and easy accessibility to information about HPE’s key products for the SMB market. As a global corporation with a complex network of distributors and resellers, HPE turned to Aximpro for a comprehensive solution to make this program as effective, efficient, and simple as possible.


Aximpro first provided extensive consulting to HPE to discuss existing aspirations and other ideas HPE had not yet considered, but could benefit from. The careful consultation gave Aximpro the opportunity to explore many aspects of HPE’s existing interaction with partners and what HPE hoped to achieve – and propose a solution to match.

The standard ChannelValue® software allowed a quick and reliable implementation of the standard features, while Aximpro also took care of legal and tax considerations, translation and custom programming to ensure HPE had exactly the modules and adjustments they needed.


The HPE Engage & Grow incentive program was designed to enable HPE to engage, maintain, and improve its relationships and sell out with distributors and Silver- and Business-level HPE resellers through a simple web-based platform. Aximpro’s ChannelValue® solution introduced easy-to-use communication tools to facilitate the delivery of newsletters and partner-specific information and one-to-one interaction, allowing deep engagement with the brand. Meanwhile, attractive incentives and targeted on-demand training on HPE-specific information simultaneously enhance sales teams’ brand loyalty and motivation to sell HPE’s products and services while giving them the knowledge they need to close sales. All of this is complemented by ongoing support services such as consulting and business intelligence reporting, while the live system is run on a SaaS subscription model.


As of the time of writing (early 2017), the full extent of the cumulative effects of the program remain to be seen. That said, HPE has already seen significant faster growth among resellers participating in the program compare to those who are not. HPE is delighted with the results so far and is confident that Aximpro’s ® solution has set the group on a healthy path for continued sustainable growth.

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