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Channel sales growth program for Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Channel sales growth program increases sales by 10%

Learn how Hewlett Packard Enterprise used the ChannelValue® channel marketing program to increase sales figures within the EMEA distribution segment by a significant 10%.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) wanted to drive long-term partner growth and increase sales figures within the HPE EMEA distribution segment.

As a global corporation with a complex network of distributors and resellers, HPE turned to Aximpro for a comprehensive solution to make this process as effective, efficient, and simple as possible.


Aximpro consulted with HPE to take a deep look at existing aspirations and offer suggestions. Based on HPE's feedback, Aximpro proposed a customized solution based on its in-house software: ChannelValue®.

ChannelValue® distinguishes itself by combining a channel sales growth program with a channel marketing program and channel incentive program.


HPE chose ChannelValue® to run its channel sales growth program (CreatEGrowth). The web-based SaaS platform was easy to implement and offers easy-to-use communication tools (e.g. for newsletters or partner-specific information and 1:1 communication).

ChannelValue® also facilitates the management of HPE’s channel incentive program. For example, distributors can collect bonus points and convert them into cash, which is then stored on pre-paid credit cards.


ChannelValue® has been overwhelmingly accepted by HPE’s distributors and their own teams. The CreatEGrowth program was terminated after just under two years, because it was decided this incredibly successful program should be expanded to include resellers.

Participating distributors recorded a measurable increase in growth compared to those who did not participate in the program.In terms of sales figures, HPE reported a significant 10% sales growth in the HPE EMEA distribution for relevant target groups and timeframe.

Read full Success Story
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What is ChannelValue®?

ChannelValue® is an innovative partner relationship management software that gives your indirect distribution channels a one-stop marketing, sales and motivational platform.

The solution offers innovative ways to improve channel partner motivation and channel partner retention.

Already leveraged by leading companies, ChannelValue® is based on extensive channel experience and known industry standards.

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