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Channel Incentive Program for Ingram Micro
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Ingram Micro: Channel Incentive Program rapidly increases performance

Learn how market-leader Ingram Micro used the ChannelValue® platform to increase their partner base substantially in just half a year.


Ingram Micro (IM) wanted to help Cisco Systems increase its product sales through existing partners. IM was looking for an all-round solution provider to help them achieve better results from selected Cisco resellers.

IM asked Aximpro to create a solution that would produce measurable results within six months.


During an extensive workshop, Aximpro and Ingram Micro discussed Cisco’s different reseller groups and what could be done. Working in close consultation, Aximpro devised a strategy to achieve IM’s various objectives.

Aximpro then used ChannelValue® software to create a dedicated website with the look and feel of IM and Cisco, but completely customized for IM using its invitation, communication, and reporting modules.

IM then provided Aximpro with selected Cisco reseller contacts. Aximpro contacted each by phone to find out who was responsible for which Cisco products, and then used the invitation module to invite them to take part in the program.


Aximpro used ChannelValue® software to develop a platform as a visual extension to Cisco’s existing “Fly Higher” channel incentive program.

To keep things simple at an administrative level and to boost loyalty to IM as the preferred Cisco reseller, the program was based not on bonus points or additional rewards, but credit notes that could be applied to future IM purchases.

Aximpro administers the incentive program and communicates results to IM. In addition to providing everything required to run the incentive program, the ChannelValue® reseller management tool also facilitates both mass and personal communications between resellers.


All objectives were realized. Resellers made particularly good sales in the new product categories, while the project as a whole helped to increase resellers’ commitment to IM, as evidenced in increased order volumes and interaction with the company.

Newsletters delivered through the communications module saw a very good open rate of 35-40%, and communication between resellers and IM was widely reported to be very positive.

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