The 7 building blocks for a winning channel marketing strategy

As specialists in partner recruitment and partner relationship management, we have developed winning strategies to support existing channel partners and generate new ones.

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Recruit & Win

If you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backwards. To grow, you must recruit new distributors, new resellers and new strategic partners. That requires winning the hearts and minds of your customer base and expanding it.

We help you identify channel partners best suited to your sales strategy and then assist you with partner recruitment.

Recruit & Win
Profile & Analyze

Profile & Analyze

Once you know your partners’ strengths and weaknesses, you can leverage the information to uncover potential growth areas and sales opportunities.

We work with you to cultivate a channel marketing strategy and channel incentives program to drive sales.

Data and predictive analytics, sell-out data, and market research reveal potential target groups, market segments, new product ideas, and geographical characteristics.


Enable & Grow

Training should never come as an afterthought. To generate sales, increase market share, and promote your products, channel partners must have an intimate knowledge of your company, your products, and your customer base.

Your partners have to be in the know. Use our software as a learning center. All your documents, webinars, videos and certification tests under one roof.

Our software can track usage so that you know who has done what and keep a tally of bonus points for your channel incentives.

Enable & Grow
Develop & Drive

Develop & Drive

An optimized partner relationship management program (PRM) and channel marketing concept is the engine that drives your partner and sales networks.

Go-to-market (GTM) blueprints, strategy essays, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and of course our in-house PRM software ChannelValue® – sophisticated tools to generate new business areas, and develop and maintain existing ones.


Activate & Push

Unleash the full potential of your channel partners. Activate and push your partners with sales programs and promotional marketing, channel sales training, and our state-of-the-art PRM, ChannelValue®. Whether you are pursuing a GTM or growth strategy, we can help you raise awareness across your entire market.

Activate & Push
Motivate & Incentivize

Motivate & Incentivize

Attractive rewards programs such as pre-paid credit cards, eVouchers and rewards shopping will motivate and incentivize your sales teams, partners, customers, suppliers, and internal and external stakeholders.

Our innovative PRM platform ChannelValue® includes a channel incentive rewards program that puts your products and solutions center stage.


Manage & Maintain

Go beyond short-term promotional activities and develop a long-term strategy that shapes the entire scope of your marketing and sales concept.

We can help you generate an active, fast, flexible and, most of all, transparent partner ecosystem. One that is based on mutual trust.

You have to know your market to win it.

Manage & Maintain
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