5 step implementation

We provide clarity. Our 5-step structured and systemized approach guarantees deployment will be on time and on budget.

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The systematic implementation of our 5-step partner relationship management method makes the entire process transparent and traceable. It also makes it easier to keep track of objectives as they are achieved.



Identify your project scope, processes, and internal and external customers so that you can define exactly what you want our software to do for you!



Analyze existing processes and pinpoint areas where data is still needed. Determine possible deltas between the standard system and your specific requirements. Prepare a detailed project plan.



Design your partner relationship management program according to predefined, customer- and goal-specific parameters. Adapt graphics to your common interface and implement the required logic and individual modules.



Integrate software, test and roll out. Compile requirements gathered in Steps 1 to 3 and align for example to the ChannelValue® modules. Make requested changes, and collect, adapt and integrate content required for the launch.



Verify and continue to monitor the functionality and performance of the software in meeting your needs and your targets. The roll out will be planned in close consultation with you.

Help your customers make the most of their channel network.
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