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Bringing your channel platform into the 21st century

Channel Platform mit Zukunft

The complexity of channel marketing has risen in keeping with the challenges of the digital age. Partner relationship management and partner recruitment is changing quicker and more significantly than ever before.

Without business intelligence (BI) technology and big data, it would be impossible to keep up.

In a first step, BI takes your own internal raw data and refocuses it to your specific business analysis needs. For example, BI, based on internal data, can help you understand your existing channel partners’ selling and buying habits.

Do you have resellers who haven’t made any purchases in the last six months? Have any of them bought servers, but no storage? BI, in this area, helps you create a very targeted partner marketing strategy, increase your cross- and upselling potential, and optimize your return on investment.

BI, based on external data (including Big data information) harnesses the unlimited power to leverage the full potential of the entire IT channel ecosystem.

For instance, you can use it to target potential partners or find out if any of your existing partners are also working for the competition. And that without infringing on any legal or privacy laws.

Want to find out more about how you can optimize your channel growth program based on a smart, data-driven marketing strategy?

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