Loyalty & incentive platforms and programs

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Loyalty and incentive platforms are an important part of a growth strategy, especially in today's environment where customer retention and loyalty are critical to business success. They help motivate employees, resellers, and business partners; increase engagement; and drive sales.


One of the most important functions of loyalty and incentive platforms is to promote customer retention. By providing rewards, loyalty points, and exclusive offers, companies can motivate their target group and increase growth.


By collecting and analyzing data, companies can better understand what drives their target audience and how they can improve their products or services. Up-sell and cross-sell potential can also be identified in this way.

Brand and interaction

A loyalty and incentive platform helps to improve brand awareness and image by promoting engagement and interaction with the target group.


A loyalty and incentive platform offers companies the opportunity to communicate directly with their target group. By interacting and providing target group-specific content and offers, both parties win.


Sales incentive
Sales agreements or sales targets achieved form the basis for incentivization.
Pre-sales incentive
In the pre-sales incentive, the individual lead development stages are rewarded on the way to concluding a sale.
In this challenge, pre-defined goals are rewarded in a limited period of time. This is often preceded by training.
Engagement refers to the interaction and connection between a company and the target group. It involves the company's efforts to build a lasting and positive relationship by engaging, delighting, and binding the target audience to the company's value.
Gamification allows elements such as point systems, competitions, rewards, and leaderboards to be playfully integrated into a company's sales process.
One of the most successful tactics to achieve short-term sell-out goals. With cashback, the end customer/buyer is rewarded.
By sharing knowledge, training, and networking opportunities, users can improve their skills, share ideas, best practices, and strategies with each other.
Knowledge transfer in the form of targeted training on specific topics develops employees and partners further, and strengthens the relationship.
Blended learning
The combination of learning content of different formats with interactive elements such as tests, quizzes, and solving pre-defined tasks.


At Aximpro, we specialize in developing individual programs for companies in the IT industry:

  • We work with you to understand your business goals and develop the best possible programs to support those goals. We adapt the platform individually to your company's needs.
  • We are experts in developing innovative and effective loyalty and incentive programs or platforms that will motivate your employees, resellers, and business partners.
  • - We monitor and measure success against jointly defined KPIs, and optimize programs and platforms at runtime to ensure they achieve the desired results.